The 1st Combat Unit is a mixed corps composed of an engineering company, infantry company, tank platoon, and special battalion. It is one of five units that make up the Special Task Force


The 1st Combat Unit was sent to save Itami and Tuka from the Flame Dragon. Eventually arriving too late to fight the Flame Dragon, the unit still managed to fight Giselle's two smaller dragons: a result of the Flame Dragon and a Water Dragon mating. The 1st Combat Unit did claim a treasure from the area though, the head of the Flame Dragon that was to brought the Empire's capital.


  1. Special Terrain Type 74
  2. Type 87 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
  3. Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier
  4. Type 73 Medium Truck
  5. Toyota high mobility vehicle
  6. Type 70 Self-Propelled Floating Bridge
  7. Type 75 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
  8. Honda XLR250R Reconnaissance Motorcycle

Commanding Officers

-Colonel Kamo

-Lt. Colonel Tsuge

1st Combat Company

1st Combat Unit Moving Out

1st Combat Company Deploying