The 4th Combat Unit is the airborne unit of the Special Task Force based at Alnus, Special Region.


The unit responded to 3rd Recon's call for backup at the Battle of Italica and came to aid the Third Recon Team with CAS (Close Air Support), which swiftly eliminated the bandits attacking Italica. Helicopters of the Fourth Combat Unit also provided aerial support for the 1st Combat Unit when they engaged the Flame Dragon's offspring at the Battle of Mount Tube. Two Cobra gunships fired TOW missiles which, along with F-4 Phantom strikes and artillery fire, killed the two juvenile dragons in a massive strike.


The 4th Combat Unit is equipped with Hughes OH-6D Scout Helicopter, Kawasaki OH-1 Scout Helicopter, Bell UH-1J Utility Helicopter, Bell AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter.

Commanding Officer

The Fourth Combat Unit is commanded by Lt. Colonel Kengun, who is known for his serious, commanding persona, but also for favoring dramatic displays of "shock and awe", as seen in the close air support mission at Italica.


The 4th Combat Unit, particularly their commander, Lt. Col. Shunya Kengun seem to be fans of the film Apocalypse Now! because they play Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner when they begin their CAS at Italica, in reference to a famous scene in the film.