Colt Formal
Character Information
Kanji コルト・フォルマル
Romaji Koruto Forumaru
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Male
Title(s) Count
Relatives Myui (daughter)

Elle (eldest daughter)

Loui (middle daughter)

Status Deceased
Professional Information
Job(s) Head of the Formal Clan
Affiliation Formal Clan
Location Italica



Colt Formal (コルト・フォルマル Koruto Forumaru) was the previous head of the Formal Clan and late father of Myui.


Colt just honestly liked Humanoids, even when they are poor. He had employed a number of them as housemaids and these humanoids found their new home thanks to him. Colt was a gentle and generous man.


Colt appeared to be in his late years. He had long gray hair that went past his shoulders and he wore clothes of a noble.


Colt was a very generous man, so he accepted people to his household without giving much thought of their background, shown by how he had accepted the Warrior Bunny refugees.


He participated in the Battle of Ginza with most of his troop during the Empire's expedition. Unfortunately for him, he and the rest of his soldiers were slaughtered by the JSDF.

Skills & Abilities



  • Colt Formal's attire in the manga is similar to the uniforms worn by Zeon in the Gundam Universal Century canon, notably the Principality of Zeon.