Chapter 43 p 20 Dark Elves with Itami

Page from Manga Chapter 43

The Dark Elves Joining Itami to fight the Flame Dragon are named on the manga page on the right. Elf names from right to left are Crow, Met, and Ban. the two males under Itami right to left are Fen and Nokk, the two females are Seymy and Nayu. The young elf in the lower right is 154 year old Komu. There is probably not enough data to make a character page for each of these eight. Yao Ro Dushi is the only survivor of the nine Dark Elves accompanying Yōji Itami.

Dark Elves with Itami

Screen shot from Episode 17 of Videos showing some of the same elves.

Below are some of the Elves from the video.

Dark Elves practice to fight flame dragon

Dark Elves practicing to fight the Flame Dragon

And last some of the elves practicing to fight the Flame Dragon.