Hitoshi Furuta
Furuta anime
Character Information
Kanji 古田 均
Romaji Furuta Hitoshi
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Rifleman
Undercover Spy
Restaurant Owner
Rank Leading Private 陸士長
Affiliation Japan Self-Defense Forces

Hitoshi Furuta (古田 均 Furuta Hitoshi) is a member of 3rd Recon and a prospective chef.


Furuta is a passionate chef and experiments with the variety of unknown spices and flavors found in the Special Area, Furuta seems to be a rather nice person.



Furuta was once a chef for a well known restaurant before joining the JSDF. He would have had a stable cooking career if not for his passion for cooking caused him to have a quarrel with the second generation owner of his previous restaurant. His reason to join the JSDF is to culminate enough capital to open his own restaurant after his contract expires in the JSDF.


After being approached by Zorzal for his new, amazing tasting food, he was recruited as a chef for Zorzal El Caesar. As luck would have it, this happened at exactly the time the JSDF realized the need for a spy "on the inside" to monitor Zorzal's actions, and allowed Furuta to take the job. He eventually develops romantic feeling for Tyuule during the Imperial Civil War to the point they intend to go back to Japan when Zorzal's force is defeated to open the restaurant together. Tyuule also willing to let him doing his espionage operations unhindered and let herself being planned with spying device for Furuta to gather Zorzal's battle information since they share a common enemy.

After the Imperial Civil War and Tyuule's death, he confirms the truth behind Zorzal's deception to prove Tyuule's innocent in front of her clan and everyone.

After the Gate closes, he and Deliah opens the restaurant together in which Deliah begins to fill the void left by Tyuule. He also names his restaurant after her.

Skills & Abilities

Basic Training: Like all JSDF personnel, Furuta has undergone basic physical and combat training. He is good physical condition and a competent marksman.

Cooking: He is able to cook fine cuisine and has received many complements from a lot of people in the Special Area. Zorzal even calls him God of Cooking.


  • His cooking style is mostly Western Cuisine.
  • His nickname is ''Shopkeep''