!!!Spoilers!!!: This contains information that can spoil parts of the story not shown yet.
Hodor Marceau
Hodor anime
Character Information
Kanji ホドリュー・レイ・マルソー
Romaji Hodoryū Rei Marusō
Biographical Information
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Tuka Luna Marceau (daughter)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Location Koan Forest (formerly)
Voiced by Junichi Yanagita

Hodor Marceau or Hodolew Ray Marceau (ホドリュー・レイ・マルソー Hodoryū Rei Marusō) is the father of Tuka Luna Marceau. Tuka thought he was missing when it seemed he was already killed by a Flame Dragon. Later, it was revealed he was truly alive.


Hodor resembles Tuka save for more masculine features and shorter, blonde hair (past the neck, though) and blue eyes. He wears blue robe a white shirt which is bound by a belt.


Hodor is brave and concerned for his daughter's well-being, sacrificing himself for his village and for her.

Hodor is a very big womanizer, so he has slept with a lot of women. Tuka was rightfully upset (about him not remembering her, about not treating her like a daughter even after telling him so, and about his playboy way of life).

He also willing to mentor Itami how to manage a harem.


Hodor was amnesiac from the injury he sustained from the Dragon. He managed to find his way out of the forest, and to another land, but didn't fully restore his memory.


Hodor is first seen running to his village to warn Tuka about the Flame Dragon, and knowing that his village is about to be destroyed he threw Tuka into the village's well to protect her from the Flame Dragon's deadly flames.

Skills & Abilities

Skilled Archer: Hodor is a skilled archer, being able to shoot a moving flame dragon in the eye, and then deducing that it was the weak spot.