Ligu anime
Character Information
Kanji リグ
Romaji Rigu
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Male
Title(s) Duke
Status Deceased (Blown off by JSDF artillery barrage)
Professional Information
Job(s) Ruler of League of Principality
Rank Commander
Affiliation Allied Army

Ligu (リグ Rigu) or Duke of League was one of the commanders of Allied Army and the ruler League Principality


Ligu was an honorable man, however he is very overconfident of himself thinking that Imperial Army could hold back JSDF as he is ignorant about the terrified nature of the JSDF's advanced weaponry. However, during the battle, much to his horror, his army being decimated at fast speed from artillery barrage and he also gets injured.

At the final moment of his life before the artillery sends him to the after life, he screams in anguish and proclaims the battle as mass slaughter.


Ligu has short brown hair and sharp jaw line. He wears ornamented green armor.



Ligu died during the first assault on the JSDF encampment on Alnus Hill as he was blown off by artillery barrage.

Skills & Abilities


  • He is the first Allied Army's commander to die.