Mari Kurokawa
Character Information
Kanji 黒川 茉莉
Romaji Kurokawa Mari
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 23

27 (time-skip)

Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Nurse/Medic (former)

Head nurse of the JSDF Central Hospital (currently)

Rank Sergeant First Class
Affiliation Japan Self-Defense Forces
Location Special Region

Red light district


Mari Kurokawa (黒川 茉莉 Kurokawa Mari) is a Sergeant First Class of the Ground Self-Defence Force and one of the female members of the Third Recon Team. Being a nurse, she mostly talks calmly like a lady, but she can be sharp tongued when she thinks the situation warrants it.

After 4 years, she becomes a head nurse of the JSDF Central Hospital


Kurokawa has a calm, "ladylike" personality, but will lash out at those who anger her. She seems to care deeply for the lives of the squad and civilians, having something of a motherly personality. If someone gets in the way of the her treatment, she will be easily angered, as seen when the rest of the squad attempt to get a look at an unconscious Tuka Luna Marceau- the first elf any of them have ever seen up until that moment- shortly after she is rescued.


Kurokawa is a beauty with a tall stature (190cm in the light novel and manga and 175cm in the anime), and beautiful flowing black hair with a blue ribbon.



Kurokawa was assigned the role of medic to the Third Recon Team, and assisted in rescuing Tuka Luna Marceau from the well where she hid during the Flame Dragon attack. Kurokawa also performed first aid on the unconscious Tuka, as well as monitored her condition until she regained consciousness. Furthermore, Kurokawa aided in the evacuation of Coda along with the rest of the Third Recon Team.

After the Coda rescue operation, Kurokawa would continue to serve as the medic attached to the Third Recon Team, and played a part in aiding the resettlement of the Coda refugees. While stationed at Alnus, Kurokawa became friendly with Tuka Luna Marceau. While it is not explicitly stated, it is implied that Tuka admires her very much and blushes whenever she is around her.

Kurokawa also aided in providing medical treatment, as well as emotional support for Noriko Mochizuki, the Japanese girl rescued from slavery. In addition to providing medical support to the Third Recon Team, Kurokawa was occasionally assigned to the JSDF outpost in Akusho, Sadera, where she provided medical treatment, as well as condoms, to the prostitutes of the red light district. After Yōji Itami was transferred to command of Special Region Resource Investigation Team 101, Kurokawa might have been transferred full time to the Akusho outpost, along with Sergeant Takeo Kurata. She was present at the outpost during Zorzal El Caesar's coup, and was trapped within the walls of Akusho along with the rest of the inhabitants of the district.

Skills & Abilties

Basic Training: Like all JSDF personnel, Kurokawa has undergone basic physical and combat training, and is good physical condition, and is a competent marksman.

Combat Medic: She is 3rd Recon's combat medic and appears to have received adequate training in identifying injuries and administering basic first aid.


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