Motoi Shinzō
Motoi Shinzou anime
Character Information
Kanji 新造 モトイ
Romaji Shinzō Motoi
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle age
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Prime Minister
Affiliation JSDF

Motoi Shinzō (新造 モトイ Shinzō Motoi) is a Prime Minister of Japan, the successor of Shigenori Hōjō and the predecessor of Morita.


Shinzō will do anything in his power to keep Japan safe from the Special Region. He is usually seen with a serious expression on his face, he is also a clumsy person, worrying about how to repel the internal and external interventions in regard of the interests of the "Special Region", he is under a great deal of stress.


Shinzō is a middle aged man who has a short black hair that is parted to the left, he has very sharp black eyes. Shinzō is usually seen with black uniform, white shirt and a red tie.


Nothing is know about is past, the only thing that is know that he succeeded the former prime minister.


He is first seen taking counter-measures against Special Region. He also gave JSDF a mission to invade Special Region.


Skills & Abilities